Education Committee Highlights

The Education Committee of the World Glaucoma has highlighted the following WGC-2015 sessions from the Educational Portal. From among the many high quality videos online, the committee selects for these Highlights that are of broad interest and significantly advance knowledge or provide new concepts or approaches that extend our understanding.

Ramanjit Sihota

Ramanjit Sihota: Finding Solutions to glaucoma in the developing world – overcoming barriers to glaucoma care in the developing world 

Tarek Shaarawy

Tarek Shaarawy: Glaucoma Surgery – New Surgical Techniques & Unmet needs

Makato Aihara

Makato Aihara: Advances in Medical treatment of NTG

Keith Martin

Keith Martin: Glaucoma Innovations and Opportunities – Applying regenerative medicine techniques and technology tomorrow

Steven Mansberger

Steven Mansberger: Glaucoma Surgery – New surgical Techniques & Unmet needs

Ningli Wang

Ningli Wang: Updates on Normal Tension Glaucoma – 04 CSF pressure and NTG


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