• To further develop an effective world-wide organization to realise common goals and improve standards for glaucoma management and research;
  • To facilitate and coordinate communication and collaboration between Glaucoma Societies, Glaucoma Industries and Glaucoma Patient Organizations and other organizations in the field;
  • To  maintain and update an WGA Global Code of Practice;
  • To maintain and update global guidelines for glaucoma diagnosis and treatment;
  • To  maintain and update global guidelines on publication and reporting on glaucoma treatment;
  • To maintain and update global guidelines for the conduct of Glaucoma Meetings;
  • To present, classify and review information on glaucoma through International Glaucoma Review;
  • To provide a unique glaucoma literature on line data base through International Glaucoma Review;
  • To improve the awareness of glaucoma;
  • To publish and update a Directory of Glaucoma Societies;
  • To stimulate and support Glaucoma Societies;
  • To create a forum for exchange on global glaucoma research, screening, prevention of Glaucoma Blindness and WHO relationship;
  • To organize global Consensus Meetings;
  • To organize Information and Planning Exchange Meetings;
  • To organize the Word Glaucoma Congress for all members of the WGA;
  • To facilitate an Internet discussion forum for all committees and others involved in the WGA;


WGC-2017 Media Kit

Download artwork for WGC-2017 and help us promote the World Glaucoma Congress (June 28-July 1, 2017, Helsinki, Finland)

WGC-2017 Media Kit



ICO Guidelines for Glaucoma Eye Care


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