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Uusitalo, Hannu


Country: Finland

Areas of Interest:

Leadership Position:

Glaucoma Society Symposium

Wednesday 9.00-12.00 amRoom 208

Finnish Glaucoma Society 20th anniversary symposium "Towards the Personalized Glaucoma Care"

Chair(s): Mika Harju (Finland); Hannu Uusitalo (Finland);

Industry Symposia

Wednesday 1.00-2.00 pmHall 3e

SANTEN - Glaucoma: the patient's view

Chair(s): Hannu Uusitalo (Finland); Tetsuya Yamamoto (Japan);

Opening Ceremony

Wednesday 3.15-4.00 pmHall 1

Opening Ceremony

Chair(s): Tin Aung (Singapore); Robert Fechtner (United States);

Presidential Symposium

Wednesday 4.15-5.45 pmHall 1

Exfoliation Syndrome - The first century

Chair(s): Tin Aung (Singapore); Robert Ritch (United States); Anja Tuulonen (Finland); Hannu Uusitalo (Finland);


Friday 4.45-5.45 pmRoom 206

Proteomic approach to better glaucoma care

Chair(s): Roger W Beuerman (Singapore); Hannu Uusitalo (Finland);

Confirmed Faculty